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-Located Downtown on Cozumel Island, Mexico      
medicineMedications at Discount Prices!

Low prices on the brand name medications you need,
and most are available without a prescription.

For a limited time, get a 10% discount on your purchase.

We specialize in medications for chronic conditions such as blood pressure, allergies, and   conditions that 
normally require long term, regular medication.

Often, the very same prescription medications you purchase in the U.S. are available here in Mexico, and they are quite often manufactured 
by the same laboratories, but there are two big differences.

  • Many medications can be purchased in Mexico without a prescription

  • We can offer them to you at substantially reduced prices.

bottles    tablets       medicine

On your visit to Cozumel, stop by and visit with us.
We carry a complete selection of pharmaceuticals and health care products.

American Discount Drugstore
Cozumel Island, Mexico

We DO NOT ship medications to the U.S.
Please note: Medications such as valium, oxycontin and tylenol with codeine DO require a doctor's prescription in Mexico.

English spoken

We're easy to find.
In downtown Cozumel,  just 2 doors off the main waterfront street. We're 2 blocks south of the main square on
 3rd Street South (Calle 3 Sur)

Our phone number from the U.S. is 011-52-987-872-4855

or email us


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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: No liability is assumed by the authors for any information contained herein. This text does not contain medical advice nor legal advice. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health practitioner. The authors do not advocate, promote or encourage the illegal use of drugs. The information contained in this publication is not intended to induce or persuade anyone to use or possess any drugs illegally. Any references made directly about obtaining prescription medications are for information purposes only. Anyone having questions regarding legal issues should consult any one of the agencies overseeing and governing the importation of foreign pharmaceuticals.

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